5 Features to Consider When Buying a New Toilet


Admit it: According to Tim Hmelar of The Kitchen and Bath Company of Palo Alto your toilet is the last household “appliance” on your list. You only remember it when you need to use it, clean it, or fix a crucial problem within it; after all, why worry about your toilet when it’s working just fine? When your toilet finally bites the dust, or you need to pick a new toilet for your remodel, though, you need to choose a replacement ASAP. If you aren’t a frequent toilet-shopper, or a bathroom expert, selecting the right toilet for your bathroom can be a confusing and somewhat overwhelming adventure to embark on. Don’t panic; instead, follow these five tips to ensure your new toilet fits both your bathroom and your toilet wish list.

  1. Start with the Seat

The seat of a toilet is crucial. Seriously, it’s the most important feature. You’re going to be spending years of your life upon this throne; make it comfortable and perfectly suited for your tush by choosing a toilet seat that you truly like. Most toilets come in one of two sizes: elongated, which features a larger bowl and seat, or round, a more circular variety that’s as old as the toilet (or outhouse) itself. Although round toilet bowls make for a space-saving option, your bum will most likely prefer the elongated varieties for lengthy visits.

  1. Pick the Perfect Height

You’ve considered the shape and size of your toilet; now it’s time to think about its height. That’s right – more than just a comfy seat matters! Typically, toilets are available in two different heights: Universal Height, also known as Comfort Height, and Standard Height. Universal Height rises 17 to 18 inches above the floor of your bathroom, while Standard Height sits at a slightly lower 15 inches high. Although it might not seem like a serious consideration, you’ll want to think about how much you want to squat. Want a quick glute workout every time you’ve got to go? A lower toilet will do the trick, and it’s also a great choice if you have small kids. Not concerned with height? Stick with Universal, the height most commonly used in public places.

  1. Determine Your Ideal Build

A toilet is a toilet is a toilet – or so you might think, before you dive headfirst into the world of bathroom upgrades and remodels. If you need a new porcelain throne, why not purchase one that’s easy to clean and easy to repair, should problems arise? Toilets are built in two different ways. Some are one single, solid piece of construction, which often come with a higher price tag and cleaning simplicity. If you’re worried about toilet troubles, you can also purchase a two-piece toilet. This variety is easy to install and provides quick, simple repair access, but does attract more dirt – you won’t want to forget to clean all of its seams and cracks.

  1. Don’t Forget About Style

Your toilet is only there to handle your messiest liquids and solids… and everything in between. It’s a sturdy and handy appliance, but it’s not necessarily one known for its style. When you’re shopping for a new toilet, why not consider a stylish and attractive toilet? Your bathroom upgrade will become a sight to see. You don’t have to stick with boring, bland white; you can choose from a multitude of colors depending on the toilet manufacturer. Celebrities love the brand, so why shouldn’t you enjoy a luxurious toilet, too? After all, we’ve all had to turn to our toilet when nauseous. Why not make sure there’s some style to your flu episodes, and your everyday bathroom adventures?

  1. Check Water Requirements for Your Favorites

It’s not something most of us would consider when picking out a new toilet for a last-minute bathroom remodel, but water usage is an important factor. Your toilet is a significant contributor to your monthly water budget – and if you’re a big-time flusher, you’re probably going to want to save yourself some toilet water bucks. Check out the toilets you’re considering, and see how many gallons of water they require for each flush. Yep, that’s right… you need to know just how much water it takes to get rid of your unpleasant waste. To save money, try to choose a toilet model that uses less than 1.28 gallons per flush, a popular state-specific requirement.

Make shopping for your sudden bathroom upgrade an easy process by keeping these five new toilet suggestions in mind. With the right style, right size, and right technical specs, you’ll be happy with your newly purchased toilet for years to come.