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If you’re  thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath,  you’ve come to the right place and we should chat.  My name is Tim Hmelar and I love to remodel kitchens and baths!  Over the past 40 years, my business, The Kitchen and Bath Company of Palo Alto has established itself as one of Palo Alto’s most well known and respected remodeling contractors.   We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and five star service we provide to all our clients.  With over 400 finished projects in Palo Alto there’s more than likely one of our happy clients within walking distance of your home.  Don’t worry if you don’t live in Palo Alto; we also have many happy clients in  Menlo Park,  Los Altos,  Woodside,  Mountain View,  Portola Valley,  Atherton and on the Stanford Campus.

MAKING  YOUR  DREAM  A  REALITY          So, you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath.  Are you collecting pictures, looking at magazines, and searching internet sites like Houzz and Pinterest for different ideas?  It’s an exciting dream, isn’t it?   I love working with people who are excited about remodeling their homes.  Not only can I help you build your dream kitchen or bath, I can help you design it too!  By working  closely with you throughout the planning and design phase, we’ll get to know one another and we’ll get to know exactly what you are dreaming of for your new kitchen or bath.

If you’re like most people you probably have lots of questions.  How long will the remodel take?  Do I need a building permit?  Where are the best places to go and  shop for plumbing fixtures and tile?  How do I qualify my contractor?  And many more.  Our initial meeting typically takes one to two hours.  Its important at this meeting that all decision makers involving your remodel are at the meeting.  Items to share at the meeting are:  your design ideas and priorities,  styles and materials that grab your attention,  your lifestyle habits, how long you plan on living in the home and more Its okay at our first meeting if you don’t know exactly what you want but any ideas in narrowing down the process will be helpful. Our goal is to have a budget for your project within 48 hours of our first meeting.

DESIGNING AND BUDGETING YOUR PROJECT    After coming up with an initial budget for your project, we will need to spend some time together finalizing your design and shopping.   Before construction starts its important to nail down the different finish materials, plumbing fixtures, tile and slab counter top materials, electrical fixtures, cabinetry and paint colors and whatever else is involved with your remodel.  The goal at the end of the design and shopping process is to  have identified the exact scope of your remodel, all costs associated with your project, what needs to be ordered and delivered before starting construction and how long your remodel will takeIf your kitchen or bath remodel requires permits, architectural plans, engineering or any special consultants we’ll schedule all the necessary site visits and manage the complete process.  Our goal is to make the entire process as hassle free and stress free as possible.  We also never forget its your home and we never lose site of the project budget.

If you’re dreaming of,  imagining,  planning, or considering getting started,  we’d enjoy meeting with you.  Give Tim Hmelar a call at (650)888-4745 or feel free to reach out  by email at .

To Your Remodeling Success,