Why You Should Install Grab Bars


If you are young and fit, you have probably never thought of installing grab bars in your shower. But what happens when an older relative or someone with a disability comes over? It can be difficult to accommodate their needs and may make them feel like an invalid. Not only is providing a grab bar in your shower a hospitable gesture to your potential guests, but if you accidentally slip in the shower one day, having something sturdy to grab onto may be the only thing that stops you from incurring serious injury. If you are thinking about putting a grab bar in your bathroom, talk to Tim Hmelar and his team at The Kitchen and Bath Company of Palo Alto. They can give you great advice on grab bars and a range of other safety features.

You may think that a grab bar could negatively affect the visual appeal of your shower, but they come in a range of styles, finishes and sizes, so they can look great in any bathroom setup. They can come in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.

There are two types of grab bars. The first are wall mounted bars, which can help a person steady themselves while entering and exiting a bathtub or shower. They can also help people raise and lower themselves into the bathtub.

The second kind are portable grab bars. These are bars that are easy to install and remove, that help one steady themselves when getting in or out of the bathtub. They are not designed for people to support their entire weight on them.

There are many different grab bar combinations, but research suggests that having one along the faucet wall and one along the back wall are most beneficial for older adults. When buying a grab bar, make sure that it is certified to carry the weight of the largest person anticipated to use it. Also, make sure that it is the right length for the shower area, that it has a textured surface and feels comfortable in your hand.